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Corken LPG Compressors

Corken gas compressors are designed for use in liquid transfer through vapor displacement, vapor recovery, scavenger and portable applications. Whether it is gas recovery from cylinders or barge unloading, Corken has a compressor for your application

Vertical Compressors :

Corken LPG Compressors Corken's vertical, oil-free gas compressors provide a full range of capacities from 24 to 361 gpm (5.5 to 82 m3/hr) in liquid transfer. Corken also offers a double-acting vertical gas compressor capable of capacities from 337 to 757 gpm (76.5 to 171.9 m3/hr). These compressors provide a great deal of versatility. A compressor can be designed for railcar-unloading but with a minimal amount of additional piping, it can also be ultilized to load and unload trucks and recover gas from cylinders, tanks and lines.


Horizontal Compressors :

Corken LPG Compressors Corken's horizontal, single stage, balanced-opposed gas compressor is perfect for the terminal requiring transfer of large volumes of LPG (i.e., barge, multiple rail car, etc.). The horizontal compressors provide a full range of capacities from 600 to 1,725 gpm (137.5 to 391.7 m3/hr) in liquid transfer.

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