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Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) Flow Meters
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Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) Flow Meters


Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is used for heating, motor fuel, industrial applications and in agriculture. LPG is a gas at atmospheric pressure and temperature but is easily liquefied. In a liquid state, LPG is easy to transport and store which significantly increases its commercial value. Recent developments have increased the interest in LPG for motor fuel as an alternative fuel.
Liquid Controls provides solutions for metering and pumping LPG in stationary and mobile applications. From bobtails to bulk planted the MA-Series and MSA-series meters have provided safe and accurate measurement for custody transfer. The Z-series pumps from Corken provide the perfect complimentary product for a complete movement, measurement and management solution.

Liquid Controls provides the LP gas industry with metering systems that are among the most reliable and accurate in the world. Install a Liquid Controls metering system on your delivery vehicles, at your bulk terminal or in your plant, count on years of reliable, accurate performance.

Features and benefits
LC meters perform well with any liquid, including “dry” liquids with very low viscosity and lubricity like liquid propane gas. LC meters are exclusively designed with no metal-to-metal contact inside the measuring chamber. This feature minimizes wear, contributes to the meters’ accuracy and ensures long, reliable service life with significantly lower maintenance and operating costs. LC meters’ unique construction results  in low pressure drop, delivering superior performance with minimal demand on system pumps. LC meters are dependable in systems with older mechanical registration devices, or with the new electronic registers like LectroCount™ which provide increased efficiencies through automated data acquisition, on-site invoicing and real-time communication capability.
At Liquid Controls’ ISO-certified facility in Lake Bluff, Illinois, LC meters are manufactured to last. Many LC meters, crafted with quality decades ago, are still in operation. From the beginning, they were never meant to become obsolete.
That’s why Liquid Controls stands by them and is the market leader for custody transfer LPG meters. In all applications—from transport and storage to industrial and agricultural use—Liquid Controls metering systems not only save you money, but provide you with peace of mind. That’s why you’ll want your LPG dispensing systems to include a Liquid Controls meter.


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