Blackmer Pumps – LPG Equipment

Blackmer offers a full line of LPG Equipment for the liquefied gas markets, including propane, butane, anhydrous ammonia and other liquefied gases. Blackmer equipment includes rotary sliding vane pumps and oil-free gas compressors, designed for maximum performance and reliability. From the smallest cylinder filling operation to the largest, most sophisticated bulk plant/rail car unloading system, from bobtail metered home delivery trucks to large transport bulk delivery, you will find Blackmer sliding vane pumps and compressors operating throughout the world.

Blackmer LGF1 and LGB1 motor speed pumps are commonly used for cylinder filling, small volume motor fueling and small vaporizors. Blackmer LDF1 vane pumps are also used in dispensing units for cylinder filling. Blackmer 1” vane pump models provide flowrates up to 10 GPM (38 LPM) while the 1P models offer 50% greater capacity up to 15 GPM (57 LPM). The Blackmer LGRL1.25, LGL1.25 and LGL1.5 motor speed vane pumps are ideal for motor fueling, multiple station cylinder filling, and a variety of smaller transfer applications. The LGF models are equipped with an integral mounting bracket and coupling for direct mounting to electric motor drives. Flowrates range from 9 to 35 GPM (34-132 LPM) and differential pressures up to 150 PSI (10.3 bar).

For liquefied gas bulk plant service, terminals and truck installations, Blackmer offers a full size range of sliding vane pumps – LGLD2, LGLD3, LGLD4, TLGLF3 and TLGLF4 models. All models are equipped with an internal relief valve and have replaceable casing liners and end discs for easy rebuilding of the pumping chamber if ever necessary. Any number of drive methods may be used to power the Blackmer LGL base mounted pumps and flange mounted truck pumps, PTO drives, hydraulic motors, or electric motor drive depending upon installation location and application.

In addition, Blackmer offers oil-free reciprocating compressors for propane, butane, anhydrous ammonia and other liquefied gases. Blackmer reciprocating compressors are ideal for rail car unloading and vapor recovery applications. These single-stage compressors are designed to give maximum performance and reliability under the most severe conditions. Models are available with capacities from 7 to 125 CFM (11.9 to 212 m/h) with working pressure up to 425 psia (29.3 bar)