Clear Tek Centrifugal Pumps


  • Top centerline discharge for air handling,self-venting.
  • Back pull-out design for ease of maintenance.
  • Integral casing feet prevent pipe load misalignment—maximized seal and bearing life.
  • Serrated flanges standard for positive sealing against leakage. Meets ANSI B16.5 requirements.Class 150 FF flanges standard, optional Class 150 RF, 300 FF/RF.

Fully Open Impeller

Acknowledged best design for CPI services—solids handling, stringy material, corrosives, abrasives. Two times the wear area of closed type impellers for longer life. Back pump-out vanes reduce radial thrust loads and seal chamber pressure.

Sealing Flexibility

Wide range of sealing arrangements available to meet service conditions. Engineered seal chambers improve lubrication and heat removal (cooling) of seal faces for extended seal life and pump uptime.

Positive Sealing: Fully confined gasket at casing joint protects alignment fit from liquid, makes disassembly easier.

Ductile Iron Frame Adapter: Material strength equal to carbon steel for safety and reliability.

Continuous Performance: Original flow, pressure and efficiency are maintained by simple external adjustment resulting in long-term energy and repair parts savings.

Heavy Duty Shaft And Bearings: Rigid shaft designed for minimum deflection at seal faces—less than 0.002 in. (.05 mm). Bearings sized for 10-year average life under tough operating conditions. Available with or without shaft sleeve.

Extra Large Oil Sump Capacity: Increased oil capacity provides better heat transfer for reduced oil temperature. Bearings run cooler and last longer.