ROTAN® – HD Heavy Duty

Internal gear pumps in cast iron, for a wide range of viscous, non-corrosive liquids.
HD pumps are specifically designed for difficult applications and those involving high viscosity liquids.HD pumps are known by their sturdy and simple construction.
Available with 90° angular configuration

ROTAN® – PD Petrochemical Duty

PD internal gear pumps are designed for refinery and petrochemical applications, all pressure-containing components are carbon steel. Design pressure according to ANSI 300 Lbs or Pn40.
PD pumps are available to meet API 676 standards with exceptions.
Available with 90° angular configuration.

ROTAN® – ED Environmental Duty

Magnetically coupled internal gear pumps for ultimate protection against leakage.
As only minimal maintenance is necessary, ED pumps will be a very economical solution compared with traditionally sealed pumps, especially where the application requires the use of double mechanical shaft seals. Often these applications are very arduous resulting in the seals and support system requiring regular attention and/or replacement. Thus, the life cycle costs for ED pumps are generally much lower than for pumps using two seals.
Available with 90° angular configuration.

ROTAN® – GP General Purpose

Internal gear pumps in cast iron, for clean, non-abrasive liquids.
The simple and compact construction makes it a low-cost pump, often used in modified versions by OEM customers.
A close-coupled OEM model is also available.GP pumps are designed for use with IEC or NEMA flange motors.
Available with 90° angular configuration.

ROTAN® – CD Chemical Duty

Internal gear pumps in stainless steel, designed to handle corrosive liquids.
CD pumps are designed for handling corrosive liquids, primarily found in the chemical processing, food and pharmaceutical industries.
Available with 90° angular configuration.

ROTAN® – CC Closed Coupled

Close-coupled internal gear pumps in cast iron, designed for the refrigerator industry. CC pumps are available from size 27 up to size 42.


ROTAN® – Geared to individual solutions

The internal gear pump principle was developed in 1915 by a Danish American. In 1921, he licensed a Danish company to manufacture the pumps, which have been continuously marketed worldwide under the ROTAN® name. The unique, modular concept of ROTAN® pumps is generally recognized as the most advanced internal gear pump design available today.

The ROTAN® internal gear pump provides favourable flow conditions, as the direction of the liquid flow is only changed slightly through the pump.